Creative Writing

Mallow College of Further Education, 19:00-21:00, from Monday 26 September 2022 for 10 weeks.

Creative Writing 1

This ten-week course will give participants the tools they need to tell the story or stories they have been longing to tell. To do so effectively, participants will need to keep seven balls in the air at all times: Plot, Structure, Style, Characterization, Setting, Dialogue and Tension/Pace. Each week, classes will focus on one of these elements, so that participants will have a good grasp of how to use them to the advantage of their work.

Mallow Campus Classes



Nights Monday
Times 19:00 to 21:00
Duration 10 Weeks
Starting Monday, 26 September 2022
Location at Mallow College of Further Education
Price €110.00
*€100.00 with online discount, €77.00 for Old Age Pension recipients, €66.00 for current and just graduated Mallow campus day students, FREE on the Training Support Grant.
Deadline Enrol Online before Monday, 19 September 2022


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Learning Outcomes

  • The two-hour sessions will be loosely divided into three stages:
  • Firstly, the tutor will use their own notes and advise the group how to tackle one of these specific aspects of writing.
  • Set a writing exercise, allowing about twenty minutes.
  • Each participant will then read their piece to the group for critique and discussion.

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