Computers for Beginners: ECDL

Overcome the fear factor associated with technology. Suitable for individuals of all ages with limited or no previous experience of computers. At the end of this programme you will have the confidence and knowledge to complete everyday online tasks such as booking holidays and public transport, using email, online shopping, keeping up with current affairs… >>

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Basic IT Skills (ECDL)

Learn essential IT skills and insights with this free online course. Get started with basic IT skills and learn to use Microsoft Office software (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access) with easy to follow ECDL tutorials at your own pace. Course Delivery This course is delivered online as a series of video tutorials. The course has no… >>

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Data Protection and the GDPR

Study the impact of data protection & the GDPR on workplaces, charitable and voluntary organisations. This course has been developed in response to significant changes in data protection legislation since May 2018. Benefits: This course will be delivered in plain English with no jargon. No prior knowledge of data protection legislation is required. It is… >>

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ECDL Certification

ECDL (the European Computer Driving Licence) Certification proves you have the skills to work to a recognised standard. ECDL equips you with practical computer and Internet skills. No certification equips more organisations for the opportunities of the digital economy than ECDL. Developed in 1997, the goal for ECDL was simple, to improve digital literacy in… >>

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