We’re going online for 2020/21!

Same classes, people; same courses, same qualifications; same local commitment to supporting you and enjoying your company: just online. No cold nights, no rain, no driving; even lower tuition fees; with even more support materials; and so much more safety for you and your family.

Study online with live video-conferencing online classes, Google for Education, Microsoft Office 365 Online, qualified local tutor support online; certified national qualifications (QQI, ATI); nationwide access; and all your course notes on Moodle.

And not only do you learn your chosen course but you learn new skills in online collaboration and remote working to add to your CV.

Full list of courses at https://nightschool.ie.

Google Meet

Google Meet is a video-conferencing, online classroom, tool from Google. It’s like Zoom, or Microsoft Teams, or Skype, but a secure and integral part of your Google account, with Google Drive, Google calendar scheduling and available on any device without download.

Simply click on the link in your Moodle course to access your scheduled online class on the web or on your mobile device: watch and listen, ask a question via text, and contribute via video or audio yourself when invited by your tutor or as part of a general discussion.

With your permission, classes can be recorded for revision study at any time (and only those speaking are recorded).

Find out more at https://apps.google.com/meet/ or try it now with friends at https://meet.google.com.

Google G-Suite

Your college email is provided by Gmail and is both your college ID and access to all of Google’s online services. Your email works just like Gmail on your PC/laptop or mobile device. You have Google Drive for creating, sharing, collaborating, and storing all your college materials, wordprocessing on Google Docs, spreadsheets on Google Sheets and slideshow presentations on Google Slides.

Microsoft Office Online

Or if you prefer, use Microsoft Office Online for free access with your college ID to OneDrive for storage, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Powerpoint.


Moodle at OnlineCollege.ie is the centre of your learning environment. It is the world’s most popular online learning management system used in schools, colleges and universities around the world. It the choice of the Further Education sector in Ireland, powered by the ETBi and SOLAS, and provided to you as OnlineCollege.ie – NightSchool.ie’s own Moodle website.

Moodle provides you with all your course materials, communications, and assignments in one easy-to-use platform.

Online Account

You’ll be given your college ID email address which is your access your online learning once registrations close. Every student is set up with an email account @onlinecollege.ie.

This is your College ID and gives you instant access to Gmail email, Google Meet video classes, Google Drive online storage, Google Docs, Microsoft Office Online, and our Moodle online learning platform at OnlineCollege.ie. All available on the web for PC or laptop, or as mobile/tablet apps.


It is essential that students are fully registered before the stated deadlines in good time before classes begin so that you are set up on the system and have had time to prepare and practice logging in. The College offers no guarantee that late registrations will be set up in time for your first class.

It will be your primary responsibility to ensure you check your college email regularly and keep access to your account and password, and ensure that you have the correct mobile phone and personal email address provided at registration.  

Online Study and Certified Courses
  • It is a course requirement that you are comfortable with basic IT, email, and online activities, you’re ready to type assignments and exercises, and that you have access to a PC/laptop and a reliable broadband connection.
  • While there are mobile apps for all our platforms, and mobiles and tablets are useful extra tools, we do not recommend relying on mobile devices for online study on certified courses and cannot support all our necessary activities via your mobile handset.
Hobby/Leisure Courses
  • For non-certified, leisure courses, in order to engage with the college and online classes, you will still need to be comfortable with basic IT, email, and online activities, and have access to a reliable broadband connection.
Attending Video Classes
  • Mobile or tablet devices with a sufficient screen may suffice, but we recommend a PC or laptop.
  • A webcam or mobile device with a front-facing camera is required for video.
  • A headset with microphone is required for reliable audio and to avoid audio-feedback.
  • A reliable broadband connection is essential. Slower connections can be improved by turning off your own video and audio.
  • Online classes must be attended in a private quiet study space with minimal distractions.
  • Participants are required to be logged in and ready in good time before the scheduled class time.
  • Participants are required to mute their microphones until invited to contribute by their tutors.
  • Participants are required to behave and interact with the same public decorum and respect for others that would apply in any classroom setting.
  • Participants leaving an online class for whatever reason are asked to do so without interrupting the class.
  • Questions to the tutor or requests to contribute can be made by text without interrupting.
  • For class recording, learners must consent to the recording, and may also choose to remain out of the recording by turning off their own video and muting their microphone.
  • Importantly, for the privacy and respect of tutors and fellow participants, and to comply with GDPR regulations, online classes must not be overseen, overheard, or shared with anyone outside the class.
  • Attendance at online classes is strictly subject to your compliance with these regulations.

Practical Study

Dog Grooming, Gel Nails, and Makeup Techniques all now include the cost of any necessary kit for you to follow classes and practice at home.


Written (typed) assessments where necessary are submitted online via Moodle as online Google Docs, uploaded Microsoft Office documents, or where necessary photographed or videoed materials.

Interview/presentation assessments, where necessary, are conducted online using Google Meet video conferencing.

Where necessary, scheduled socially-distanced practical or examination assessments are held at local centres: Mallow College of Further Education, Fermoy FET Centre, or Charleville FET Centre (formerly Mannix College).

Inside the college: Building access by appointment only. Follow all building signs and regulations. All visitors must check-in. Sanitise your hands on entry and as directed. Social-distancing of 2-metres must be observed at all times. Face masks must be worn. For the safety of staff and fellow students, you are asked to download and install the HSE COVID Tracker app so that in the event of an incidence of COVID19 close contacts can be informed and protected.

Dog Grooming practicals will be at Mallow College of Further Education in Semester 2, with the theory study, theory examination, and portfolio preparation completed in Semester 1.

ECDL assessments postponed from 2019/2020 will be re-scheduled for Mallow College of Further Education in October 2020.


Your Tutor

Professional, qualified, subject tutors are here to support you in your study and in your online activities on Moodle and in Google Meet classes, every step of the way. Contact your tutors via Moodle or email.

Tutors may also schedule assessment feedback sessions via private Google Meet calls.

Free IT Courses

All registered students have instant access to bonus free online courses to help you get more out of working online:

  • Basic IT Skills (ECDL): Learn essential IT skills and insights with this free online course. Get started with basic IT skills and learn to use Microsoft Office software (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access) with easy to follow ECDL tutorials at your own pace.
  • Using Google Apps: Free online course on using Google G-Suite apps. Get the most from your Google account with online tutorials on using Gmail, Google Drive, Google Docs, Sheets, Slides, and more.
  • Your CV on LinkedIn: Join the over 500 million people who manage their CV online with LinkedIn. Get started with this free online course.

Find out more at https://nightschool.ie/free/.

NightSchool.ie Team

On the night you also have the support of the NightSchool.ie management team who will be on hand every night to help you with any technical or getting started issues – via email, WhatsApp, phone, or Google Meet.

Practice Google Meet sessions and tutorials will be arranged in the week before classes begin.

Watch out for us on facebook.com/nightschool.ie for Google Meet live tutorials and question and answer sessions.

We have a full range of getting-started guides and video tutorials online for registered students.

Talk to us at any time at helpdesk@nightschool.ie.

Your Classmates

You can also use Moodle, email, Google Docs, and Google Meet to keep in touch with your classmates; share study materials, get help, or just arrange online video calls to build a support community, learn from each other, and enjoy the company.

Find us socially at facebook.com/nightschool.ie.