Sales and Marketing Management: QQI Level 6

SALE SALE by Tobi Gaulke @Flickr
SALE SALE by Tobi Gaulke @Flickr

The purpose of this award is to equip the learner with the knowledge, skill and competence to plan, carry out and evaluate sales and marketing activities to meet the objectives of a range of organisations.

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  • A QQI certification fee of €20 is already included in course fee.


QQI 6N3613 Sales and Marketing Management, Level 6

Learning Outcomes

  • Assess the principles of sales and marketing management to include the planning and execution of the pricing, promotion and distribution elements of a marketing plan, the budgeting and forecasting of a sales plan and the recruitment, organisation, compensation and evaluation of a sales team.
  • Appraise the sales and marketing environment to include market entry strategies and analyses of consumer behavior.
  • Analyse customer needs to include their motivations and style through emotional, reassurance purchase and esteem purchases as they relate to the sales cycle.
  • Evaluate the types of sales and marketing environments that organisations operate in to include business to consumer and business to business markets and the methods of promotion available to organisations at each stage of their development.
  • Interpret the impact of a range of micro and macro factors that effect sales and marketing decisions.
  • Identify the main features and impacts of the legal and regulatory framework relevant to the sales and marketing function.
  • Research the company’s market, current and potential customer base, competition, market segmentation, target market and position for a range of products and services to potentially maximise all selling opportunities.
  • Utilise internal and external analysis techniques including strengths weaknesses opportunities and threats (SWOT), political economic social technical legal (PESTLE) and Porter’s Five Forces in formulating sales and marketing plans.
  • Formulate sales management techniques to meet the needs of a range of organisations to include appropriate marketing and selling key performance indicators.
  • Estimate the budgets and forecasts for a sales and marketing plan.
  • Develop and adapt the marketing mix for products and services over time and in different markets.
  • Devise an after sales service policy for their organisation to include the interpersonal skills required when dealing with a dissatisfied customer post sale and how new sales opportunities can be created from after sales service.
  • Revise strategic planning, marketing activities, market research and sales management to adapt to the changing business environment.
  • Illustrate how sales targets and profits are achieved through a balanced product and service portfolio.
  • Manage a range of sales functions to include the recruitment, motivation, leadership, training, organisation, staff compensation and evaluation and the modeling of the complete sales cycle in line with organisational key performance indicators.
  • Supervise the implementation of a sales and marketing plan.
  • Appraise the performance of sales and marketing personnel against key performance indicators.
  • Official QQI specifications and assessment breakdown: QQI 6N3613 Sales and Marketing Management, Level 6

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