Digital and Phone Photography

Smartphone Picture by Reiner Girsch @Flickr
Smartphone Picture by Reiner Girsch @Flickr

“The best camera is the one that you have with you” and that is usually your phone. This course is suitable for individuals who wish to acquire skills and knowledge in digital compact cameras and also for people who aim to improve their knowledge, understanding and skills that will lift your phone images from merely snaps to photographs.


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Learning Outcomes

    The course involves a practical introduction to the key functions that are used in photography, which are available on most digital cameras. Photography composition guidelines are also covered to increase the balance and impact of your photographs. The second half of the course covers retrieval and storage of your photographs from your camera. Finally, image manipulation techniques are explored to further enhance your photography. Sometimes best camera is “the one that you have with you” and that is usually your phone. In addition to getting the best technical image quality from your phone, we will look at some of the “apps” used to help take control and edit the photographs. We will also look at uploading to social networks, storage and printing your piccies. Last, but by no means least, we will look at developing your photographer’s “eye”.

Entry Requirements

  • No previous experience required.

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