Accounting Technician (ATI): Year 2

This final year of a two-year study programme is designed to prepare learners for employment in accounting departments of commercial, industrial or public sector organisations or in the offices of practicing accountants. It provides a valuable qualification in accounting and information skills and membership of Accounting Technician Ireland (ATI), a professional body sponsored by the… >>

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Care Support: QQI Level 5

This programme module aims to provide a learner with the personal knowledge, skills and competence to work effectively in a care setting. It aims to promote good practice and respect for diversity in lifestyle, religion and culture in care work. Course Requirements Studying online will require a PC/laptop with reliable broadband and a basic IT… >>

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Child Development (Advanced): QQI Level 6

This module is designed to provide the learner with knowledge and understanding of child development from 0-12 years and the skills required to implement and promote the use of observations in the early childhood education and care setting. This module aims to promote good practice, equality and respect for diversity in early childhood education and… >>

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Dog Grooming: QQI Level 5

Learn the techniques for grooming different dog breeds. Learn to properly use and handle grooming parlour tools. Understand dog anatomy. And learn to effectively handle dogs on the grooming table. Learn in a dedicated dog grooming salon from an experienced dog grooming professional with professional salon equipment. Work on your own dogs, friends’ dogs, and… >>

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