Berlin Startup Tour by Heisenberg Media @Flickr
Berlin Startup Tour by Heisenberg Media @Flickr

This course will equip learner with the knowledge, skills & competences relevant to entrepreneurial theory and practice. Examine the role and principles of entrepreneurship within a range of businesses and in the community. This course is for people who are thinking of starting their own business or people working with a small business. It is also for those who wish to understand the theory behind entrepreneurship.


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Learning Outcomes

    Topics include: What is Entrepreneurship? Historical development of entrepreneurship in Ireland. Growth trajectories for entrepreneurs in the form of business growth, finance, skills & characteristics of an entrepreneur, marketing, knowledge, role of people in business and risk-taking strategies. Develop new markets for enterprise & opportunities for further growth. Understanding entrepreneurship as a driver of innovation. Etc.

Entry Requirements

  • Learners aged 18 and over.
  • No previous experience required.

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