Enneagram: An Introduction

Split Personalities by Caribb @Flickr
Split Personalities by Caribb @Flickr

The Enneagram and personality, is a system of exploring and developing your personality. The Enneagram heightens self-awareness as well as giving insight and understanding, of those in your family, those you live with, work with and developing relationships with. It is a tool for life, that is invaluable.

The Enneagram system of behavioural patterns explores the characteristics of 9 personality types, their strengths and weaknesses, the motivation behind each type’s behaviour and offers insightful suggestions for personal growth and development.

The Nine Types are as follows:-

  1. The Perfectionist: Characteristics include, an eye for detail, punctuality, conscientiousness, responsibility, a self-critical vein.
  2. The Helper: Characteristics include, empathy, natural giver, social, extravert, generous, kind.
  3. The Achiever: Characteristics include, communication skills, sales skills, enthusiasm, skilled motivator, image conscious.
  4. The Romantic: Characteristics include, creativity, introversion, sentimentality, emotional depth, psychic ability.
  5. The Observer: Characteristics include, introversion, objectivity, deep thinker, socially awkward.
  6. The Loyalist: Characteristics include security conscious, team player, very loyal with family, fearful.
  7. The Dreamer: Characteristics include light-hearted, extraverted, enthusiasm, fun loving.
  8. The Boss: Characteristics include natural leadership style, confidence, conformational, roots for the underdog.
  9. The Peacemaker: Characteristics include calm disposition, works to routine, avoids confrontation.

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