The Ennegram

On site in Mallow Campus, Monday 30 January for 6 weeks.

The Ennegram

‘Anyone who is interested in personality types, this course is for you.

It is a fascinating course to both understand ourselves and those we live and work with.   It depicts nine personality types e.g. The Idealist, The Achiever, The Dreamer. It describes both positive attributes and areas for growth for each personality type in an encouraging and down-to-earth manner.  There will be a clear, distinct and detailed description of each of the nine personality types.  Group discussion is encouraged’.

Online Classes

Enrolment Online
Nights Monday
Times 20.00 – 21:30
Duration 6 Weeks
Starting Monday, 30 January 2023
Tutor Mary O Scanlon
Location On Campus
Live video-conferencing on Google Meet, email tutor support, free Google Docs and Microsoft Office Online, study notes and course materials online on Moodle.
How do online classes work?
Price TBC
Deadline <ahref=’https:”” nightschooljan22=”” applicationform.aspx?cid=”3479424267705944546f6f70694346556771766849513d3d'”>Enrol online here before Monday, 23 January 2023</ahref=’https:>

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Grant Funding

Courses can be free for Social Welfare or PUP recipients with the Training Support Grant (up to €1,000 per year).

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