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Run for Joy! by Geoff Livingston @Flickr
Run for Joy! by Geoff Livingston @Flickr
Now enrolling for Autumn 2019 in Mallow.

From €65.00* / €52.50 for OAP recipients.

We’re living chaotic lives today. We’re dealing with the strains of work, or the strains of unemployment; we’re dealing with financial worries; the stresses and pains of relationships and loneliness; the expectations of family and community; and the growing pressure to be nearly perfect in the new world of Facebook and Instagram where everyone else seems to living a non-stop fashionable beautiful easy dream life. And our emotional health is getting lost in the struggle.

OK. Stop. Breathe. Relax. It doesn’t have to be this way. This is just all the baggage we don’t need and don’t have to keep struggling against.

So we’re going to step away from all of that for an hour a week and learn to concentrate on recovering what really matters, and to appreciate what is really important in our lives, and especially, what is really important in our own minds.

We truly are what we think. And we’re going to start to think, feel, and be better – for ourselves.

Every week we’re going to come together in a safe and nurturing environment – no pressure: be quiet, ask a question, share a feeling; say as little or as much as you need. But relax and take the time in this class to let the tutor guide you through a new awareness and new tools for valuing your emotional health and wellbeing.

Explore techniques in self-awareness and personal development. What is the difference between the emotional baggage of the past and true emotional insight? How do your thoughts, thought patterns, and habits in your inner voice impact upon your emotional wellbeing every day, and in a very real way. And how can we learn to change.

Our goal together is to learn to heal, build healthy boundaries, let go of emotional baggage and develop empathy for ourselves and those around us.

So this short course is ideal for anyone any way curious about exploring change in their own lives, interested in achieving an understanding of emotional health, and in exploring how our own emotional health can be supported to improve our happiness and wellbeing in our personal and professional lives and in our relationships with others.

Tutor Profile:

Mary Scanlon is an experienced practitioner in integrated humanistic counselling: specialising in mindfulness techniques and enneagram personality analysis. An honours graduate of Psychology from University College Cork, Mary works as a counsellor and group counselling facilitator, and presents a number of successful classes and seminars in mindfulness and the enneagram. https://www.linkedin.com/in/mary-scanlon-a13237a6/

Mallow Classes

Now enrolling for Autumn 2019 in Mallow. Enrol online today.

Location: NightSchool.ie at Mallow College of Further Education.
Nights: Monday
Times: 20:00 to 21:30
Duration: 6 Weeks
Starting: Monday, 30 September 2019

Cost: €75.00, *€65.00 with online discount, €52.50 Old Age Pension recipients, €45.00 for Mallow College day students and recent graduates.

Information Night:
Information Week, Monday September 9 to Wednesday September 11, 19:00 to 20:00 at Mallow College of Further Education. Get more information, meet tutors, and enrol on the night. Add Facebook Event reminder.


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