Early Childhood Education and Play: QQI Level 5

Children Playing At Sunset by Shawn Nystrand @Flickr
Children Playing At Sunset by Shawn Nystrand @Flickr

The purpose of this award is to equip the learner with the knowledge, skill and competence to ensure that each child’s learning, development and well-being is facilitated through the provision of opportunities, experiences, activities, interaction, materials and equipment, having regard to the age and stage of development of the child and the child’s cultural context.

Tutor Profile:

Ann Daly has a BA in Montessori Education from St. Nicholas Montessori College of Ireland, a Post Graduate Diploma in Play Therapy from Play Therapy Ireland and NUIG, a Post Graduate Certificate in Therapeutic Play Skills from Play Therapy Ireland and NUIG, and a Certificate in Lego Based Therapy from Cambridge University. Ann is owner/manager of Sunvalley Montessori School, a practicing play therapist, a member of Play Therapy Ireland, and a member of St. Nicholas Montessori Teacher Society.


QQI 5N1773 Early Childhood Education and Play, Level 5 (part of 5M2009)

Learning Outcomes

  • Outline the types, stages patterns and purposes of children’s play.
  • Describe a range of theories of play in the context of children’s education to include Psychoanalytic theories (Freud, Winnicott) and Constructivist theories (Piaget, Vygotsky).
  • Evaluate the role of the adult in children’s play.
  • Explore a child lead approach to meeting the play and educational requirements of children.
  • Describe different approaches to curriculum development and implementation in the ECCE setting.
  • Assess the value of equipment, materials, play spaces, both indoors and outdoor in the ECCE setting.
  • Use a range of reading and storytelling techniques appropriate to different stages of children’s development and cultural background.
  • Select relevant play activities and materials appropriate to children’s interest and stage of development and cultural background.

Entry Requirements

  • A pass Leaving Certificate or equivalent standard.
  • Relevant work and life experience is equivalent for mature students (aged 23 and over).


  • A QQI certification fee of €20 is already included in course fee.

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