ECDL Certification

Geschäftsfrau by Marco Verch @Flickr
Geschäftsfrau by Marco Verch @Flickr

ECDL (the European Computer Driving Licence) Certification proves you have the skills to work to a recognised standard. ECDL equips you with practical computer and Internet skills. No certification equips more organisations for the opportunities of the digital economy than ECDL.

Developed in 1997, the goal for ECDL was simple, to improve digital literacy in Europe. With over 13 million candidates worldwide, ECDL is the world’s most recognised computer certification. ECDL successfully combines a quality assured programme with world class e-learning.

Free Microsoft software online and free access to ICDL blended learning tutorials and resources for all IT Certification students at

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  • The course cost includes ECDL examination and certification fees.

Mallow Classes

Not running this term for Mallow. Sign up for future course notifications. at Mallow College of Further Education.
Nights: Tuesday
Times: 18:30 to 20:30
Duration: 20 Weeks

Price: €484.00, *€474.00 with online discount, €338.80 for Social Welfare, €338.80 for Old Age Pension recipients, €290.40 for current and just graduated Mallow College day students.


ECDL ECDL European Computer Driving Licence

Learning Outcomes

  • Online Essentials: Learn how to use the web and email, find the information you need, and stay secure online.
  • Computer Essentials: Start here if you’re starting out. Learn the basics of computer usage, files and data security.
  • Spreadsheets: How to use a spreadsheet to record, layout, analyse, graph and report on data using a spreadsheet application.
  • Word Processing: How to write, format and print professional-looking documents using a word processing application.
  • Presentations: How to use a presentation application to create audience-winning slideshows that include text, images and videos.

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