Computers: The Next Step

Office by Jim Whimpey @Flickr
Office by Jim Whimpey @Flickr

This course would suitable for adults who are familiar with the basic operation of a computer or who have recently completed a beginner’s course. Improving computer skills can help to get on in work, keep in touch with family and friends, and access a range of online resources (banking, shopping, social media) or to help with further learning.

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Learning Outcomes

    You know the basics but you want to keep improving your IT skills.
  • Sending an email with an attachment e.g. photo or CV.
  • Using more advanced Word Processing skills (e.g. mail merge).
  • File management (folder and putting order to your filing system).
  • Work on your data entry skills.
  • Use the internet (Skype, booking a holiday, intro to Facebook and Twitter).

    If this sounds like a course for you then enjoy learning new skills in an enjoyable and fun class.

Entry Requirements

  • No previous experience required.

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