Meditation On A Very Different Level

Meditation by Tarcio Saraiva @Flickr
Meditation by Tarcio Saraiva @Flickr


This course is brought to you for to release deep rooted emotional stress in your everyday life. The techniques & methods you will be taught to you are practical but also you will be given menus for the mind and recipes’ to help move you on in a deeper level.

Night: Tuesday
Times: 19:00 to 21:00
Duration: 8 Weeks
Starting: Tuesday, 2 October 2018

Cost: €110.00 (€15 off online)


Certificate of Attendance

Learning Outcomes

  • Meditation on the Twin Hearts works on the physical, mental and spiritual levels. It is a truly special meditation.
  • Experience Intense Peace, Stillness and Bliss through the meditation.
  • Rapidly reduce stress and feel calm and in control of your thoughts and sharpness of mind.
  • Practice simple yet powerful energy generating exercises.
  • Have less anxiety & negative emotions, by learning how to deal with them in a positive way that allows you to enjoy your life.


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